Matt Jaworski

'Pick your game' or what I learnt walking 100km in 24 hours?


August 10, 2021

A while ago, I took on a ‘Walk 100 kilometres in 24 hours’ challenge. Yes, you’ve read it right. Walking 100km in 24h. No sleep. No breaks. And it taught me an important rule.


Pick the game you’re playing

Two of my friends also went on the challenge. They both thought it would be great to walk through the entire 100km route.

One of them started with the mindset of ‘I’ll walk 50km and then see how I feel’. Another was dead-set to complete the full 100km, in a true ‘failure is not an option’ spirit.


Guess which one of them made it?

Yup, it was the second of them.

At the 90km mark, she was barely able to walk. Her feet were bleeding. Her feet were bleeding. However, she was there to walk a ‘full 100’, not to quit at ‘mere 90k’. She kept on keeping on and crossed the finish line a few hours later.


What happened to the first friend, then?

Early summer mornings are beautiful. The sunrise, and peaceful warm weather inviting you to lie down in soft grass and take a nap. Especially if you’ve been up all night marching through woods, and by now you have 50 km of fatigue in your feet.

When we reached the 50-kilometre checkpoint, the first friend just laid on the ground and said: ‘that’s it’.


😢 But why?

The difference? Determination and a clear goal. Not ’maybe a 100km’ or ‘I’ll see how I feel’.

The harsh reality is that when you walked for 50 km you won’t be feeling great. Calling it a day and getting some warm food will feel preferable to another 50km-long ordeal.

The same goes for a lot of other things you do. Pick the game you’re playing and keep this goal in mind. Are you learning magic to know a few tricks, or to fulfil your dream of becoming a full-time magician?


Pick. Your. Game

It doesn’t actually matter whether you’re making a first step towards completing 100 or 50 kilometres. Or towards ‘seeing how it goes’. Your goal can be anything you want it to be (and that’s ok).

Just remember, if you want to walk 100km, set off to walk 100km. Maybe you won’t make it, or maybe you will – but you will give yourself a chance to see for yourself.

If you instead want to walk 100km, but set off to walk 50 km and then ‘see how you feel’… Well, I guarantee that after walking for 50 you won’t be feeling like walking any further.